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Hello friends…

I’m slowly emerging from a deep social slumber in the wilds of the TX hill country. My fever has broken, I’m coming out of my ranch/studio/isocave eager to get on it and share some real and honest sh*t with you all. Social media has always felt like a circus to me - a distant, performative wasteland.  And we artists, big and small, have suffered the burdens and pressures of the last few years,  but too often become hollow voices of over advertisement.  I'm tired of the same old tune and wary of the digital malaise of disconnect and biz -always the kryptonite of art and creativity, trampling the very spirit of rock n roll that I love.  

It's time for a new wave, something smaller, more focused, and a hell of a lot more potent.  That's why I'm trying something new, the Cosmic Eagle- a curated space where I can share more meaningful content, deep dives into my life, music, creativity, pop culture, and REAL art. Unreleased songs -Early IN album listening, demos, cover song re-imaginations. Plus, you’ll see good reads from special guest contributors and friends in my world, short-form podcasts, interviews, and videos on songwriting, art making, record making, touring, and bringing form to the formless wild and beautiful world.  This will be like another social media profile, just on really good psychedelics -a curated set and setting, strong visuals, and a connection of souls that will leave you feeling like you've had one hell of a good and hazy trip that just shouldn’t end.

But let's be real. All good trips come at a small cost, and the Cosmic Eagle is no exception. We'll be publishing 7-8 unique posts per month, with about half of them free and half behind a low-cost paywall. This will help ensure that my team and I can keep providing you guys with quality and regularly flowing, soulful goods. 

The Free tier will allow access to occasional public posts.

The Monthly Tier, priced at $6, will include 100 unique posts throughout the year + ability to post within community, a $10 IN store credit, Special community giveaways for Tickets, Albums, Limited Releases, Merch, and Gear, along with early access to new music / videos / tickets and more. You can also decide to pay annually and save 31%.

The Founding Members will receive everything mentioned above along with a $50 IN store credit, an unreleased + signed LP vinyl, limited + signed postcards, VIP backstage passes + more.

I really can’t wait to dig in more and grow this Cosmic Eagle community. And let it be known, I truly could never do this work without you guys. It means the world and is my life. Leave any thoughts or comments, rock often…and we’ll keep on soaring together.



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Sonics | Thoughts from the Astral Hills of TX by Israel Nash


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