Moods | "Odesa" Demo


MOODS, the pedal steel ambient album that I created with my dear friend and musical collaborator, Eric Swanson. This one is for all you lovers of swoopy and beautiful pedal steel sounds. It's a continuous piece of music that'll transport you to another dimension of sonic and visual delights that are moody and mysterious AF. We’ve always wanted to make something like this together and I love Eric’s sounds and skill taking the show here. We wrote and did preproduction together in the studio and would send stuff back and forth in between as we were shaping this album. We had never written ambient music and wanted to be really open and fluid in the process. There aren’t choruses, lyrics or story arches in these songs. The only way to convey all of those feelings is solely through the music, the sounds, the space, the ebbs and flows and, I really think the way Eric plays delivers those emotions. So, if you deeply desire and endlessly need that "pedal steel your heart away heaven escape," this portal to the multiverse is here for you in album form. You can get a sonic taste of Moods with the pre-production demo + vid for "Odesa" and check out the album track listing below.


1. Orbs
2. Initium
3. Dreamland
4. Waking
5. Jack
6. Exitus
7. Odesa
8. Eberhard


Cosmic Eagle
Cosmic Eagle
Israel Nash