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Lost In America - Official Video

Early Screening

Watch Beyond The Song "Lost In America"


I scare Suzie, Mom, and Dad 

Every time the screen door slams

Not been sleeping much at night

Keep seeing those same things over and over in my mind

I’ll get my wheels back on the track

Thinking this week maybe the week after that

I’ll find me a good paying job that buys me just a little bit more

As far as I see I’ve got to work a little bit more, oh I need to work it on out

Work it on out

It was God and country, cash in hand

For a one-way ticket off to them far east blowing sands

I won’t forgive and I can’t forget

All that I saw and those things that I did

Thought I’d find me a way to put the past behind me, it’s a part of me now

Far as I see got to work a little bit more, Oh I need to work it on out

Work it on out

My brother Ron looked up to me 

Now he comes by the apartment twice a week just to make sure that I’m doing ok

I think it’s time for me to leave 

Get on off the grid and outside this society

So I moved into the wild 

In an issue tent far out in the jungles of Hawaii 

Where I won’t be found 

Living in and out of the battle sounds

Giving life and blood to become 

Just another one Lost In America

Just another one Lost In America

Under spacious skies

And purple mountain high

On the other side

Of the stars and stripes

I’m your favorite son

Lost In America

Cosmic Eagle
Cosmic Eagle
Israel Nash