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COMMUNING w/ Kim Abelsson

On the future of touring, technology and artistic empowerment.

Join me as I sit down and chat with my pal, rock n' roll cultural mover, doer and lover Kim Abelsson.  Kim has long brought artists from all over the world to Gothenberg, Sweden and its premier live music venue, Pustervik as a promoter with Woody West.  He also works with Curation Records, a hip folk-rock indie label based in California.  For this inaugural session of COMMUNING, Kim and I discuss the struggles live music and touring have faced since the pandemic and the raw power and appeal that remains in live performance as an artistic medium. We touch on the role of technology in shaping the future for artists that is more transparent and empowering as writers and performers.  Kim is a rad dude and I’m so glad I’ve been able to know him over the years and see firsthand the power of community figures like him who keep the musical and cultural fires burning in their locales.  He also has a solid cowboy snap shirt collection and an expansive record collection. True Warrior.  Part I available above.


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